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Sometimes You Just Need to Be Silly

I've started the habit of turning on some music while watering with the hose in order to keep myself entertained. And of course, that leads to a little dancing. Sometimes I can't help it... sometimes I just don't care. But, when the dance moves start creeping out I always catch myself thinking of the scene in "Sleeping With the Enemy," where Julia Roberts is staring at her neighbor wildly dancing and singing a song from West Side Story and I think about how my grandma's neighbors are getting a similar show. Good or bad, it's a free show. Haha

Here's a (super tame) example:

At any rate welcome to my mind! The same mind that created a dark, haunting painting at the beginning of the month and a bright, summery piece immediately afterward. The two upsides of having a brain like that? 1. It's rarely boring! 2. Dance breaks are never entirely out of the question!


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