The Artist in Her Natural Habitat

The Facts:

J.HistoryGirl Designs was: created by artist Jessica Hansen

J.HistoryGirl Designs was established: July 2011



The best words to describe J.HistoryGirl Designs: Unique, Eclectic, Inspired 

A few of the most important moments in history are: The Council of Nicea, Martin Luther's 95 Theses, The American Revolution, The Translation of the Rosetta Stone, The Congress of Vienna, World War I, 


If history teaches us anything, it's: Not to invade Russia in winter; Carbs are life (see French Revolution or when this artist hasn't eaten); Be nice to the peasants (they have a tendency to revolt) Pay attention- Avoid making the same mistakes of those who went before you! 








The Facts:

Birthplace: Southern California

Sun Sign: Gemini

Loves: Coffee, Music, Chilly Weather, The Gym,  Dogs



Favorite Paintings: The Last Supper- DaVinci; The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp- Rembrandt; Night Cafe-Van Gogh


Some of the Best Inventions of All Times: Sunglasses, Paper, Air Conditioning, and the Camera


Favorite Historical Figures? Queen Elizabeth I of England, Teddy Roosevelt



Favorite Books: The Swan Thieves- Elizabeth Kostova; Madame Tussaud- Michelle Moran; The Scarlet Pimpernel- Baroness Orczy; Angels and Demons- Dan Brown; The Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown; Inferno- Dan Brown 

Snapshots from the Artist's Studio


Lily, my ever faithful assistant