"Hate Me If You Want To, Love Me If You Can"

November 11, 2016

I don't want my website to become a place of political debate. So I'm going to get this out and then end of story. No need to tell me why you disagree with me. I am really frustrated! I am tired of the arguing and name calling not just amongst strangers but between friends and family. Listen everyone, you need to accept the results of the election. Now, hold off on writing something snarky and rude until you read everything I have to say.


Either you voted in the election or you didn't. If you're over 18 and didn't vote, and you're upset about the results then may this be a lesson to you in the future. If you're over 18 and you voted and you're upset about the results, I'm sorry. Truly!!  I am sorry you are upset and disappointed. I get it. You're probably angry and scared for the country. I know how that feels.


But, you are all adults. You need to start acting like it so (again, hold off getting upset till you hear what I have to say) if you're protesting, do it peacefully and respectfully. Get off the fucking freeway and stop hanging off scaffolding. You're affecting other people who may feel the same way as you, and who just want to get home from work. Being disruptive and destructive doesn't do your cause any kind of good. There are other ways to be heard.


I keep seeing all of these horrible things on the news and social media about a vote for Trump being a vote for hate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. When I question my friends and family who didn't vote for the president-elect like I did, most tell me they know my vote wasn't a vote for hate because they know me. I feel better about that but it still hurts and concerns me. There are bad eggs everywhere. In every single way you can sort a group of people: profession, political party, gender etc, there are those that aren't great representations of the group as a whole. It's sad but it's true. My fellow Trump voters and I are being type cast right now as hateful people. I don't believe Mr. Trump is a hateful person. I don't believe my fellow Trump supporters are hateful as a whole either. Or at least we don't hate in the fashion you think we do. (Just wait, let me explain)


I'm seeing a lot of labeling from the Anti-Trump camp. I've seen Nazi, Communism, sexist, homophobic, racist and even pro-rapist. (Perhaps in a later blog I will do a history lesson for my friends who are using the terms "Nazi" and "communist" incorrectly. Neither of those terms apply to "Team Trump." If you want to keep name-calling that's on you, just do it properly and with the correct vocabulary.) Let me clear up a few other of the names while we are discussing it.

         Sexist: Just because you don't agree with Hillary Clinton, doesn't make you sexist. Just because you voted for Donald Trump doesn't mean you are sexist either. Maybe you don't like the way Mr. Trump spoke about or acted around women. I am in no way condoning things that have been said or done. I can only try to give him the benefit of the doubt, like we all must do on some points every now and then, with anyone we are taking a chance on. 

        Homophobic- I have never uttered a single negative word about someone based on their sexual orientation. I love all my friends and family the same regardless of whom they are in a relationship with. I realize this may not be typical of someone in my political party. But, let's remember that just because you may not agree with something, doesn't mean you hate that same something.

        Racist- I'm really getting tired of being called a racist. Just because I don't agree with the current president about something, doesn't mean I'm racist! I promise you from the bottom of my heart, I would still disagree with the man no matter what color, size, shape or form he came in. As a culture I think we've become a one way street of racism. Just because there is a disagreement between two people of different skin colors doesn't make it an issue of race. Let's stop using the race card as the first and only answer to something. Let's look deeper!

        Pro-Rapist- I don't know where to start on this one. As a woman, I would think it would be really obvious that I'm clearly against rape. But who knows... In case there is any doubt, I do not support rape against anyone! Thankfully, I don't know any men or women who think differently on the subject. .. Is there something here about abortion??? For the record, I am pro-choice. If you don't like abortions, don't get one! Simple as that. Really. I'm not making light of a serious situation either. I know women who have had horrible things happen and have needed abortions. And I thank God that they were able to get them! That doesn't mean I think abortions should be used as nonchalant form of birth control either. 


So, that's where I stand with those hate words that I keep seeing popping up everywhere. If my friends and family know that my vote wasn't about hate why can't we give a little more consideration to the other Trump voters out there? PS: I would characterize liberals as a much more "peace and love" kind of group who hate when people get labeled. ...So why are we using labels now??? That reminds me of the other word I keep seeing, "hypocrite." Umm we've all heard that phrase about the pot calling the kettle black, right? I think that applies here. 


PPS: There are things I actually do hate. Let me tell you what I hate and what I think some of my fellow voters hate.

I hate people who disrespect this country and the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for it. We are EXCEPTIONALLY lucky to live here. If you feel differently then I suggest you take a look at other nations.  After you've done some research, either move or thank your lucky stars. No one is forcing you to be here.

I hate people who think the law doesn't apply to them. Whether you are super rich or super poor the law applies to you. Whether your crime is embezzling, murdering, theft, jaywalking, coming into the country illegally, whatever, it matters! I think illegal immigration is becoming an acceptable crime. I'm going to speak for my fellow voters on this one. There isn't a mindset that immigration is bad. However, those people who come here illegally are being disrespectful of our country's laws and to those people who are going through the process honestly and legally. 

I hate that we are becoming a culture of entitled people. No one owes you anything in this life. Life is not fair. The government was not set up to take care of you! That's what your mommy and daddy are for. When you come of voting age, it's all you. The government was actually set up to protect you...get this.. from government. Crazy right?! We have armies to protect us from foreign governments. And we have checks and balances as well of a Bill of Rights to protect us from our government. SO, if you want something go work for it- you can probably get it! 

I hate that we blame gun violence on guns. Guns have been around a very long time. The escalation of gun violence is not the fault of the gun manufacturers or lax gun laws. The levels of gun violence today are much larger than the hundreds of years they have been around. Kids are learning about guns in video games and tv shows. But, they aren't learning anything about gun safety, that actions have consequences and  that guns are not toys. Additionally, passing more gun laws only restricts law-abiding citizens. By definition, those aren't the ones going on shooting sprees  or drive bys. Just saying.



I voted for President Elect Trump. I am very proud of my vote. I voted for him because he was the candidate that I could see changing this country for the better. I voted for him because I think he has the capability of making our economy stronger. I believe he has better ideas for protecting us from those who wish to do this country harm. I believe he wants the best for this country. I voted for him because he has a different background than other politicians and therefore will hopefully have a better approach to fixing our problems. And I voted for him because he speaks his mind. He may not say kind things all the time. But, I believe he says what he means. And I appreciate that I know where he stands. 


So, if you want to still hate me and my fellow Trump supporters you are welcome to do so. That's the beautiful thing about this country! But, I encourage you to try and have an open mind about the next four years. When my  friends and family tell me that I am an exception to the typical, hateful Trump voter, I hope they reconsider. I think I'm actually the typical Trump supporter. And those bad eggs I mentioned earlier, I think they are the exception to the "typical Trump voter." I encourage you to have an open mind us here on Team Trump. We aren't the enemy. At the end of the day, across party lines, we all want to be safe, happy and probably successful too. 





























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