Afraid of the Ball...and a Painting

August 21, 2016



Have you ever been scared of a painting? Munch, Bosch and Goya certainly have a few that might instill fear in a person. The painting I'm currently afraid of features two Concorde guitars. I know it's not something that traditionally sends shivers down the spines of most people. However, I'm one of the "special people" who is infamously "afraid of the ball," ... and birds .. and my shadow sometimes.. and okay maybe on rare occasions, piles of leaves on poorly lit streets that my imagination morphs into some wild animal or attacker out to get me. Despite all this I don't think of myself as a timid girl.  I believe I'm just cautious. I have a desire for self preservation. I'm sure most of these "fears" are based on watching too many episodes of Unsolved Mysteries and Matlock as a child. There's also those bad experiences I had with birds and being hit quite often by a ball at PE or recess. You can't blame a girl for being skittish. 



Perhaps in this case, a better way to put the question is have you ever been intimidated by a painting? Still, I'm sure most people's answer remains the same from my last question. Let me explain. I'm working on a commission of two Concorde guitars for my very best friend. And I'm fairly intimidated by the project. It all has to be just right! The cartoon sketch that I projected on the canvas wasn't perfectly clear and therefore I don't trust that all the lines are in the right spot. And there are many lines! Lines for the strings, lines on the .. neck?, lines on the...main part that connect it all together. (This is all very technical jargon, you know.) Obviously, I don't know very much about the anatomy of a guitar. I am however, trying to learn, so that I have a better knowledge of what's supposed to be there and why. I can't be leaving anything out. This isn't an impressionist or cubist piece where I can get away with a vague or abstract representation of the guitars. 



So now as I confront my intimidation little by little, I delve into a process that seems to be working thus far.

The first step is to put on a documentary or some sort of educational/stimulating background noise; something I can listen to but don't need to watch. Step two: get myself situated. Find a comfy spot on the floor in front of this large canvas propped against the wall. The third step is to concentrate and "get in my zone." My "zone" is a focused, artistic place where I feel like I'm on a roll and where I tend to see favorable results. I'm beginning to think its some kind of self-hypnosis. It's very relaxing. The whole trick though is allowing/forcing myself to start the process. Maybe I should add a step at the beginning, like play "Eye of the Tiger" and do some Rocky moves to psych myself up.... 



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