What I'm Really Loving Right Now: In a non-stalker kind of way...

February 23, 2014

Every so often, I like to highlight something that I'm really enjoying; whether it be a new art genre, work out, exhibit or anything else under the sun. If I'm feeling inspired by it or slightly obsessed with it, I'm going to mention it. I like to think of myself as Oprah and these sharing moments as her Favorite Things. 



What I'm Really Loving Right Now.. is actually a person. Mindy Kaling. You're probably familiar with her as Kelly Kapoor on The Office, or from her show on Fox, The Mindy Project. My DVR frequently taped the first minute and a half of her show because it was on after another favorite of mine, New Girl. I'd laugh at a joke and then the show would stop, leaving me wanting more. Nicely done, DVR. Nicely done! I'm hooked now.


Two weeks ago my sister and I were in Target and I saw Mindy's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns.) I bought it. I'm not in the habit of buying from outside the historical fiction genre. I think the last book by a celebrity that I bought was Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball and that was back in elementary school.


Back on track: I love Mindy's book... and Mindy. In a non-stalker kind of way, I think Mindy and I, would and should be really good friends. She's smart, funny and doesn't look like the average cookie cutter person on tv. I identify with those things! It excites me that someone I can relate to so well, is so successful. Reading the book is like reading an email from my sister or a friend. There is a similar humor with similar references and an informal ease to it. The moment in the book that I decided that she and I were destined to be friends was when she threw out a random reference to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. It's a semi-famous, often forgotten historical event. Maybe it's more well known in New York where the fire took place but, here in Southern California, I doubt that it's in most people's frame of reference. Plus, as a general rule, I get really excited at unexpected historical references by others. (That's part of my nerdy essence I guess.)  I have been laughing out loud in my room as I read the book (which I'm sure sounds really creepy from down the hall.) I've purposely been trying to read it slowly to stretch out the laughter and enjoyment that I've been getting from the book. I highly recommend it!!!! 

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