January Blues

January 3, 2014

I am really sad the holidays are over. The Christmas lights that once glowed so brightly are getting packed in boxes and the Christmas trees one by one, have begun to line the curb. For such a short time, the world seems to be on the same page with me, indulging in festive music, bright lights and an affinity for eggnog. Now I'm on my own again, a year long elf with regular ears in the warm California sun.


Aside from my traditional early January blues, there are some positives for me to point out...

- SALES!- I love me some clearance sales and finding great deals!

- Christmas Vacation!- I still have a few days off for winter break and I'm loving every morning I get to sleep in and every evening that I get to stay up late.

- Time to Create!- Getting to be my night-owl self, my creativity is no longer stifled by a work schedule. I can float from project to project and have already completed three canvases. 



I'm hoping for more updates in the near future. Stay tuned! Keep checking in!

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